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My Life Declarations

Good morning dear readers. I have been away from the blog for quite some time and without explanation too. I would like to apologise for the unexplained hiatus. I have been away on a professional course in South Western Nigeria … Continue reading

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Medical Evidence For Speaking In Tongues

Two thousand years ago, a bunch of uneducated men who believed in Christ were overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit at an event  we have now come to term ‘Pentecost’. They were ridiculed and even accused of being … Continue reading

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A Prayer Chart by Dick Eastman

Link to Prayer Chart (PDF) Whilst I’m very much an advocate for ‘praying as the Spirit leads’, it can sometimes be a cop out for hiding behing lazy and ineffectual prayer. This prayer chart by Dick Eastman has the potential … Continue reading

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Dick Eastman on Prayer (Big Value Edition)

This three volume compilation by Dick Eastman combines three comprehensive books on prayer. The first and most read of the three is No Easy Road. The second is The Hour That Changes the World: A Practical Plan for Personal Prayer. … Continue reading

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