…but God!

A few days ago, I came across an email chain that blew my mind regarding the goodness and faithfulness of God. A friend of mine started this email chain where he listed out a number of things that happened or might have happened in his life and would have led to devastating effects but for the intervention of God.

I was so moved by the responses as number after number of young men and women listed out their own ‘but God’ scenarios. It is amazing what treasures of testimonies lie buried in our over-busied and distracted minds. All it takes is for one to cast their mind backs honestly and before long you will be in awe of God’s goodness in your life and that of others. So without much ado, here’s my ‘but God’ list:

I should have been burned to death when a fire broke out in our home and I was only a helpless infant sleeping in a cot …but God.

I should have been kidnapped when three strange men tried to lure me into their mini van as I played on the streets outside my home …but God.

I should have suffered brain damage or something worse when that car’s side mirror pummeled into my forehead at full speed as a young boy …but God.

I should have lost my family to assassins who threatened to kill us if we did not give them a lot of money …but God.

I should have lost my father to armed robbers if he hadn’t stopped by to inspect a project before heading to his office …but God.

I should have lost my eye in boarding school …but God.

I should have lost my only brother to a terrible liver disorder when he was only a very young bot …but God.

I should have lost my life to typhoid fever when I became delirious and lost consciousness …but God.

I should have been attacked by a group of racists when I got out of my train into a deserted station at a very late hour of the day …but God

I should have been inconsolable from multiple heart-breaks and betrayals I endured in past relationships …but God.

I should have been trapped and helpless in breaking my addiction to nicotine …but God.

I should have remained ensnared in the sin of fornication and sexual immorality …but God.

I should have remained an unbeliever with a stubborn mind and a hardened heart …but God.

I should have never broken out of serious debt …but God.

I should have remained lonely and still in search of my future spouse …but God.

I should have become tired and disillusioned with the constant trials of life …but God.

I should have remained unforgiving towards those that exploited my kindness …but God.

I should have remained in self-condemnation over my character flaws …but God.

I should have killed someone in those two car accidents …but God.

I should have giving up writing …but God.

I should go on and on and on …but God!

These are just a few snippets of my ‘but God’ moments. Take some time out today to consider your testimonies and let an attitude of praise and thanksgiving well up in your hearts. Happy New Year all!

About Watchman

...Just another young man walking out his faith by God's grace day by day. I love writing, I love people and I love Jesus. That's me!
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One Response to …but God!

  1. bolu11 says:

    Hello Watchman, wonderful testimonies. God is indeed faithful and we always have to remember the difficult situations he delivers us from. I have so many myself and I just thank God for his faithfulness.

    Thanks for sharing your testimonies.

    God bless

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