Video Sermon: Bad Happens by Francis Chan

In the wake of so much adversity affecting so many people in the last few months alone, I thought it was timely to get a reminder about what it means to suffer in a fallen world like ours from a Christian perspective.

Grief, loss, disappointment, betrayal, defeat, failure and many more negative experiences have haunted us all in one way or another. It has even driven some away from God as they struggled to reconcile how bad things could happen to good people. This is always a very difficult topic to discuss with skeptics and as such it is good for us to really study what the scriptures have to say about the matter and also learn from the studies done by others.

This video sermon by Francis Chan specifically deals with this issue. I pray you are blessed by it.


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...Just another young man walking out his faith by God's grace day by day. I love writing, I love people and I love Jesus. That's me!
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One Response to Video Sermon: Bad Happens by Francis Chan

  1. I agree. Grace is a very powerful thing and can definitely lead people.

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